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CAD Layouts

Technical CAD plans :

  • Layouts, plans, project,
  • Cross section, elevation view.
  • Project, plans for residential, leisure and commercial sectors.
  • Prepare all documentations for new building project. From the concept stage up to final planning permission application. Manage the project from concept stage up to permission.
  • Prepare layout or plans from old paper plans.

Houses :

  • Home plan.
  • Home with garden layouts.
  • Project, plans for residential, leisure and commercial sectors.
  • To help better understand plans we are offering prepare 3D visualization of projecting houses.
  • House improvements ideas.
  • Detailed element.
  • Cross section, elevation, front view.

Office :

  • Office desk location layouts.
  • Concept of reconfiguration, extension, rebuild – increasing the capacity.

Layouts :

  • Existing site layout prepare after measure.
  • Commercial store layouts.
  • Main parking layout, concept layouts for increase parking capacity.
  • Update, development and ongoing management of site CAD layouts.
  • Development of layout proposals to support process improvement activity (depend from the requirements).
  • Identify and implement improvements in machine efficiency, energy usage, product quality and labour efficiency, utilizing CI/Lean tools to form solutions.
  • Prepare layout or plans from old paper plans.
  • Prepare new version of site layouts according customer renversement.
  • Installation layout of site drainage storm, all facilities.


  • 3D Models, structure, visualization.
  • Interiors.
  • Structure of building.

Planning Permission:

  • Plans, project for planning permission application.
  • Well knowledge of UK building regulations.
  • Support with any queries during the applications.

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