space management consulting

Space management consulting

Space Improvement in you site – use more efficient space you have.

It has been developed during main cad site layout services, that current layout and material flow, is not perfect and can be improvement.

Architectural, planning background supported by explanation and understanding of site material flow and functional has created opportunity to improvement.

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Design for 6 Sigma tools.

Several solutions of space improvement can be implement in every site.

Every solutions value is saving time, reduce waste, over stocking, increase H&S, reduce accidents and saving money.

  • reduction the distance between each production stages, the same way of material movement, cost of it, reduce injured danger
  • increase site storage capacity by change location, high storage (racks system) create staging area, FIFO, change equipment for more efficient
  • reconfiguration main site layout in order to create more space, increase H&S, reduce FLT downtime
  • create visual area (green, amber, red) for material in production (FIFO system) stages
  • efficient material flow and storage.

During our services we make:

  • create more visual nad simply material flow
  • existing site layout prepare after measure
  • update, development and ongoing management of site CAD layouts
  • development of layout proposals to support process improvement activity (depend from the requirements)
  • identify and implement improvements in machine efficiency, energy usage, product quality and labor efficiency, utilizing CI/Lean tools to form solutions.
  • prepare layout or plans from old paper plans
  • prepare new version of site layouts according customer renversement
  • create few concept layouts, and modified them according the renversement

Our recommend solution is:

  • Defined customer requirement – the scope.
  • Analiz date, measure site, upgrade current site layout.
  • Understand site functional (material flow, information system etc..)
  • Create several solutions – concepts layout.
  • Organize a meeting with company management board, open discussion of ideas, benefits vs cost.
  • Implementation of agreed idea (chose external contractors, etc..)

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Interior design concept

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